Diptychs of Ronda ‘Harmonies’

This exhibition is the second in the series ‘Diptychs of Ronda’
With these diptychs I create new images based on the merging of two unrelated, and at different times and for different reasons taken, photographs.

The first series showed the distinct faces of Ronda; historic and natural beauty versus pragmatic buildings and street furniture. To find that in their contrast they form a new balance.
This time I searched for harmony, by merging images of the natural beauty of the surroundings of the Serranía de Ronda.

For these diptychs I have frequently used scale enlargements / reductions. This fusion of a close up of a landscape with a photo taken from a broader spectrum is alienating and creates an excitingly new beauty.

Shown in June 2014 at the Convento de Santo Domingo in Ronda

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