Alentejo Revisited

Alentejo for me is vast fields with solitary holm oaks that cast wide shadows.
Alentejo is goats and cows resting in those wide shadows.
Alentejo is narrow roads with dazzlingly beautiful eucalyptus trees on the side.
Alentejo is hills with symmetrical rows of olive trees.
Alentejo is storks, majestically sitting on their big nests on top of electricity poles.
Alentejo is white villages with red rooftops and old men with caps sitting on benches.
Alentejo is small vegetable garden plots on the edges of the villages.
Alentejo is red soil and bridges over wide, half dry rivers.
Alentejo is the sibling of Andalusia, separated by the river Guadiana.
Alentejo was my first love and Andalusia will be my last.


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