‘Semana Santa’, the Easter celebration, is taken very seriously in Andalusia. Every city, town or even the smallest village has been for months preparing their robes and attributes for the daily processions starting on ‘Domingo de Ramos’, Palm Sunday and continuing daily – depending on the size of the population – until the week after Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday). Weeks on forehand everyone is getting nervous and paints the facades of their houses, so that when the processions come past their homes, they look pristine white and clean.

The processions are being organised by the ‘Hermandades’ (Brotherhoods), often with long dramatic names like ‘Venerable Brotherhood of Blessed Christ of Patience and Humility and Blessed Mary of Sorrows and Hope’ or ‘Pontifical and Royal Brotherhood and Confraternity of Nazarenes of the Holy Name of Jesus, Sacred Descent of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Fifth Anguish of Mary Our Lady'(!).

In my nearby village Arriate there are two rivalrous Brotherhoods, the ‘Jesuitas‘ or fully named ‘The Real, Very Old and Venerable Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus’ and the ‘Cristinos‘ or ‘Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Blood and Entombment of Christ’. They will never join forces in they devoted passion and I must admit that I wouldn’t recognize the one from the other. I just look at the pretty pictures. And NO, they have nothing to do with the KKK!

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