Going Solo (exhibition)

Every day, when I leave my house, this is what I see
My eyes zoom in at details
I see shapes, shades, layers, colours and tracks
Made by nature or humans
And I find them equally fascinating

Todos los días cuando salgo de mi casa, esto es lo que veo
Mis ojos se acercan a los detalles
Veo formas, sombras, capas, colores y huellas
Hechas por la naturaleza o los seres humanos
Y me resulta igualmente fascinante.

Exhibition at Toro Spacio, Ronda, June 18 – July 15, 2915



Fullscreen capture 23062015 091209Fullscreen capture 23062015 093430

Fullscreen capture 23062015 091209-001Fullscreen capture 23062015 092425

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