Alhambra, Granada


There is too much to tell about the Alhambra, Spain’s most visited historical complex, but there are so many books and articles online, so I won’t go into that.

Visited by two million people every year, it is always busy and you have to constantly queue to make your way through all those beautiful buildings and gardens. During Covid the rules have become a bit stricter and the number of visitors allowed per slot has decreased, but it is still impossible to get a good look at all those beautiful spaces without seeing heads and bodies in front of you. So if you’re an avid photographer like me, you need to look a lot at the walls and ceilings and focus on the details. And there are many!!
Once you’ve walked through the main palace and out into the gardens, you’re already suffering from Stendhal’s syndrome. My advice is, if you have the chance, come more often and take it all in little by little. Sit down every now and then, reflect on the past and how grateful we can be that in the past, unlike today, beauty and art were still considered the most important necessities of life!


Sol y Sombra


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