Lies Wajer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1954) is a self-taught photographer who has lived in Spain since 1996. In 2009 she joined the ‘Grupo NIE’, a group of foreign artists who live and work in Ronda, and over the years had various group exhibitions and individual exhibitions.
Group shows: 
2009 ‘La Mirada del Extranjero’  (The Foreigner’s view) with the installation ‘Still Life’ at the ‘Circulo de Artistas’.
2011 ‘Desvíos’ (Detours) at the Convent of Santo Domingo, Ronda with the installation ‘Andalucia Rural’ and ‘Uluru’.  
2014 ‘Harmonies’  at the Convento de Santo Domingo with a series of diptychs. 
2016 ‘Associations’ at the group show that took place at the gallery space of Toro Spacio.
Solo shows: Bullfights of of the Goyesca (1996); Romería (Pilgrimage) (1997); Wildflower Afternoons (2009); Contrasts (diptychs I) (2013); Nature Speaks (2014); Rocks and Stones (2015) and Tierras Labradas y Palabras Prestadas (2018).
Assignments: In June 2013 documenting the filming of an episode in the documentary series ‘Secret lives of the artists’ by the BBC and to focus on key scenes/characters, being the presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon and make some iconic images for publicity purposes.
In the summers of 2015, 2016 and 2017 assigned to be the official photographer for the Real Maestranza de Caballería Ronda to document the three days of bullfights at the Goyesca Feria in the oldest still standing (stone) bullring of Spain.


Website: lieswajerimages.com
Email: lieswajer@gmail.com
Tel: (+34) 653 770 185

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