Flight into Reality

This morning, as many mornings, we went for a walk just straight from our house. My head was filled with worries, same old same old, money things. But the longer I walked the more I felt disconnected to that ‘silly thing called economy’. I fled into reality.. Another spring has come and we’re still here. No, we … More Flight into Reality

A summer blanket

With the heat of the summer, gone is the juicy green. The land is plowed and shows its bare brown belly The hay is dry and ready to be cut or spread around like big yellow dice thrown out from the sky The vines are vibrantly green, while the aniseed plants are blossoming in soft … More A summer blanket

Barbate, not just any fisherman’s town

Whenever the small fisherman’s town of Barbate gets in the news it’s normally bad news. Drug problems, high unemployment rate (about 5,000 people out of work on a population of 25,000), a vanishing fish industry, a bankrupt municipality or stranded boats with illegal immigrants. These are big problems, but I always love being there. I … More Barbate, not just any fisherman’s town