Flight into Reality

This morning, as many mornings, we went for a walk just straight from our house. My head was filled with worries, same old same old, money things. But the longer I walked the more I felt disconnected to that ‘silly thing called economy’. I fled into reality.. Another spring has come and we’re still here. No, we … More Flight into Reality


This past week I have been following a BBC crew as stills photographer. It was my first time and hopefully not the last. The crew was filming an episode in the documentary series ‘Secret lives of the artists’ , this one being about David Bomberg and the years that this British painter lived and worked in Ronda in the … More Stills


Through my photography I look at the environment in two almost opposite ways. I do not always identify with the common aesthetic, but I see it and it can attract me. However it is in the ‘rough around the edges’ where I find true passion and where I see beauty. With these diptychs I want … More Contrasts

Ronda Scenery

I have lived in and around Ronda since 1995 and it has been love at first sight. I will never get enough of it’s stunning beauty. Walking through the old town you breath the Roman and Moorish history. Ronda has been an inspiration to many; writers, painters or poets throughout the ages.

Hidden monsters

They are everywhere, although normally we don’t really see them. Little houses have been built for them. Some are just bare in their plastic shells. Others seem to deserve to blend in with their environment. Some are abandoned and waiting for squatters. What they have in common is that they are a part of our … More Hidden monsters

Ronda by Night

Many dark winter nights I spent walking through the streets of Ronda, waiting for my son to come out of his karate class, which doesn’t end until 10 pm or often even later. To keep myself entertained I bring my camera. I love the sight of the historic romantic buildings lit by the yellowish light … More Ronda by Night