Quo Vadis?

  “Quo Vadis?” is about my search in life. Following a path, exploring my interior through ‘selfies avant-la-lettre’, the self-portroids (1982-1994) and exploring the outside through transiting unknown paths, the ‘Quo Vadis’ (1987-now). I am an explorer of my own life, a traveler in time and space, always looking for a new horizon, somewhere better?

Alentejo Revisited

Alentejo for me is vast fields with solitary holm oaks that cast wide shadows. Alentejo is goats and cows resting in those wide shadows. Alentejo is narrow roads with dazzlingly beautiful eucalyptus trees on the side. Alentejo is hills with symmetrical rows of olive trees. Alentejo is storks, majestically sitting on their big nests on top … More Alentejo Revisited

Ronda Scenery

I have lived in and around Ronda since 1995 and it has been love at first sight. I will never get enough of it’s stunning beauty. Walking through the old town you breath the Roman and Moorish history. Ronda has been an inspiration to many; writers, painters or poets throughout the ages.

Ronda by Night

Many dark winter nights I spent walking through the streets of Ronda, waiting for my son to come out of his karate class, which doesn’t end until 10 pm or often even later. To keep myself entertained I bring my camera. I love the sight of the historic romantic buildings lit by the yellowish light … More Ronda by Night

Still Life

During a period of nearly ten years (2000-2009) I have photographed ‘objects’ in the countryside. Objects best described as trash, garbage, junk, litter, scrap, debris or waste. Objects that in fact should not have been where they were. They don’t blend in. They often do not decompose and stay where I found them for many … More Still Life